Client  BBBTech

Category  Health Tech

Services  Industrial Design, UE

Country  Korea

Health, but not medical

We wanted to make the Elemark feel trustworthy without screaming medical. We also wanted it to feel at home in a purse or backpack since it was intended to always be carried with someone and used confidently in their day-to-day lives.

Creating a distinct architecture for interaction

Creating clear interaction touch points on the device using colour as well as geometry gave the device a distinct appearance that would also assist with helping to orient and communicate how people could interact with the device.

Connected to care 24/7

The Elemark experience was intended to connect people to doctors and professional health practitioners who would be able to use the blood data to diagnose and predict medical issues before they arose. The ability for people to share this data and get relevant advice faster and with less effort was changing the playing field for this team.

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