Client  Internal Project

Category  Food

Year   2016-18

Awards  Spark Award Finalist       Country  USA

Addressing a real need

Approximately 1 in 4 senior citizens in the US are malnourished due to a lack of access to transportation, bad weather or a fear of falling. We wanted to create a solution that would help these people use new digital tools in order to be able to access that data.

Bringing the outside in

We worked on designing an interior that was both calming and cheerful. We wanted a lot of windows so that the space would get more natural light and would give clear sight lines of a scenic view outside of the store. Additionally, we leveraged a material palette that was both modern and warm, introducing wood textures, and warm indirect lighting.

Designing the experience

The digital experience attempts to leverage the tacit knowledge people have of going to a grocery store with the added benefits that VR can provide, including transporting to another department or even visiting the farms and orchards where the groceries come from.

From digital to real world delight

We wanted to create an experience that would bring the digital into the real world while bringing some of the old world charm of grocery shopping to have the food delivered to customers in wooden crates by grocers donning aprons.

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