Client  Kokoon

Category  Headphones

Services  Industrial Design

Country  United Kingdom

From the moment we wake, our lives are filled with noise. Whether you’re trying to relax mid-commute, focus at work or just can’t sleep, Kokoon headphones allow you to escape, switch off and relax. Kokoon is the first headphone comfortable enough to be slept in and smart enough to provide real time audio to help you sleep better.

Designed to fit your pillow

In early 2015, we helped Kokoon mold their early concepts into an attractive product. It quickly became one of the top wearable technology campaigns on Kickstarter, raising $2 million from over 8000 people. After the successful Kickstarter, we worked with them to keep comfort at the forefront. In the case of sleeping headphones, comfort is all about flexibility in all positions and airflow.

It’s all in the details

Integrating fabric into the overall design to create something that was both comfortable and flexible to wear. We integrated a series of features to create something that was both visually simple while also integrating the complex technology of the product.

Pamper your head

We integrated a silicone honeycomb in order to create maximum comfort while one is sleeping on their side and pressing down on the pillow.

The perfect escape

By considering the necessary details that increase comfort as well as sense the users brain state, we were able to create an experience that enabled the user to rest comfortably and tune out the rest of the world.

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