Client Miko

Category  Smart AI Robot for Kids

Year 2021

Country  USA

Miko is a kids educational robot that is part best friend and part tutor. The team behind Miko wants to provide kids with carefully curated content and oversight tools so that parents can have a better handle over what their kid’s digital consumption habits. Miko was also designed to be an engaging and attentive personality that kids would want to hang out and spend time with. Our contribution to the role out of the third generation for Miko was to create a holistic user experience that stretched from the first time that someone discovers Miko online to when their Miko is delivered all the way to the UI on the robot and the accompanying app.

The journey begins with the Miko website. We worked to extend Miko’s brand messaging across the different parts of the site, with an emphasis on wanting to communicate the personality and features of Miko. We also wanted to balance out the messaging around the Miko Product and the Miko Max subscription service.

As part of the overall user experience, we designed packaging that would extend Miko’s playful personality while also positioning it as a premium kids toy worthy of a high pricetag.

Part Character/Part Platform

Miko itself is both a friendly buddy as well as a platform to explore games, educational content and other rich content. We designed the Miko UI to forefront Miko’s facial expressions while providing easy to access controls to navigate to Miko’s rich content library.

Giving Parents New Tools to Support their Kids

The Miko Mobile app accompanies the Miko Robot and provides parents visibility and control over what their children are watching and interacting with. It also allows parents to better understand how their child is developing based on the type of activities and academic topics they are able to handle.

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