Client  Mio Global

Category  Wearable Devices

Services  Industrial Design, Parametric Design

Country  Canada

The Mesh project was a future wearable we designed that looked at how 3D printing could create a lighter more breathable wearable. The Mesh utilized a parametric 3D modeled lattice to create both a strong and light structure ideal for athletes.

Inspired by Disintegration

Technology is increasingly disappearing as electronic components get smaller and smaller. The Mio Mesh concept explored how to create a wearable that blends with your body. We took inspiration from forms that evoked the language of thin skins.

Sensing your body

The Mesh design consists of a highly breathable band as well as a small core piece of electronics that accurately tracks your heart data and displays it through the mesh finish on the front.

It’s almost not there

The mesh construction creates a lightness and breathability that is optimized for athletic applications, stripping away the technology to only the critical elements in order sense heart rate and measure body metrics.

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