Noon Home
Smart Home
Red Dot Award
Beautiful light is emotional. Noon Home had a vision of creating a light switch system that knows enough about your lights to create beautifully synchronized lighting in your home. We worked on creating a comprehensive UX that started from the out of the box experience, setup and installation all the way to everyday usage and 3rd Party Integrations. Not only did we we design the mobile app, but we also designed the light switch’s entire User Interface.

How does it work?

What the Noon system enables is the ability to have all of your light switches coordinate their control to be able to enable dramatically different activities and moods simply by selecting the right scene to match your mood or activity. The Room Director is where users can select their scene, easily swiping through scenes on the touch screen.

Customize your Lighting Scenes

The switches also connect to a mobile app allowing users to access all of their lighting controls from the convenience of their phone.

Sketching in Wireframes

Because of the relative complexity of the system and the way that different switches had to connect and communicate with each other, choreographing the setup steps very clearly to users was critical. We developed out a series of different user flows to try and identify the setup flow that would have the least likelihood of failure and would be the most intuitive for a homeowner to set up, whether they buy one switch or want to replace the switches in an entire house.

Icons, Icons, Icons

Because the Noon Switch allowed users to create custom light scenes, it felt important to make equally inspiring visual icons that users could pick to reflect the mood or function of a specific scene. Most other competitors that are far more expensive than noon, simply print out labels that are applied to the switch so the idea of full color icons that blend into the switch and are visually rich felt like a great opportunity to differentiate,

Refining Screen Design

We developed out the Mobile app from top to bottom, including onboarding, home screen automation and scheduling as well as settings. Designing every screen possible for this app across both Android and iOS gave us a great perspective of the opportunities and challenges that a Smarthome or Connected Devices experience would entail.

Prototyping & Animating

Light is dynamic and so the Noon app had to have a dynamic and lively character to it. We designed the home screen with animated transitions that felt playful and friendly to encourage interaction and exploration within the app.

Our Results

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