Category  Holistic Weight Loss Website

Year 2020

Country  USA

Welcome to the Jungle Baby

Relish focuses on reframing the way that we think about weight loss, saying goodbye to unsustainable diets and exercise routines, and instead creating a psychological framework for to handle the root causes of weight gain. We created the home page to embody that energy. Emerging from a vibrant “life salad” of graphics, the phrase “Lighten Up!” reminds users that weight-loss doesn’t have to be hard with Relish. Scrolling further down the home page, users will find further information about their Relish journey.

demo - the rise

The Underlying Logic

Relish’s approach to weight loss starts with education. Their team of medical experts believe there is no health without mental health. We created the science page to deliver dense information in an easy to comprehend format. It was really important to create a user experience that educates users on topics like trauma, and unhealthy relationships with food while also maintaining the same feelings of positivity, inspiration and community.

Just as Good on Mobile

Part of our effort was to be able to translate the desktop design to equally immersive and engaging mobile web experience. Designing reactive experiences was equally important.

Hidden Treasures

Despite the fact that Relish ships monthly packages to their customers, one of their principles is to try and reduce the overall environmental impact their product has. In order to achieve that, we wanted to create a minimal footprint for the packaging while having a maximal impact. We achieved this by keeping the outside of the packaging as unprinted corrugated cardboard while the inside has a full color print job showing the Relish “Life Salad”

The Long Game

Not only was our design work focused on creating a unified digital and physical brand experience, but it also centered on creating a long term engagement with Relish members. We considered ways that the experience could evolve with the member over time ranging from highlighting different members of the community and customizing different parts of the packaging.

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