Client   Mio Global

Category  Health Wearable

Services  UX/UI, Industrial Design 

Awards   Red Dot Award      Country   Canada

Twenty-four hour tracking

The Slice wearable is a device that tracks your heart data continuously, advising you on your overall heart health. To be able to do this, we had to create a product that would enable people to wear it in diverse situations, whether in the shower, at work or when sleeping.

Simplifying science

The Physical Activity Index (PAI) is a clinically tested system (based on the Hunt Study) that has been shown to actually increase lifespan. Packaging this powerful science into an experience that average people can easily understand and appreciate was the goal when creating the PAI App’s experience design.

Details, details, details

Both robust and refined, the Slice is designed to be just as ideal for the gym as for the office. We slimmed down the profile by 30% to make it something that people would want to wear during their workday while also testing the strap and sensor during different activities to ensure that heart sensing occurs accurately during intense exercise.

Optimizing onboarding

)nboarding is an opportunity with the product experience to introduce users to the features of the product as well as avoid any potential challenges that users may experience when they first start engaging with the product. For hardware devices, there is the added challenge of being able to set-up and teach people about both the features in the device as well as within the app.

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