Client  Internal Project

Category  Circular Technologies

Services  Industrial Design, UE

Awards  IDEA Award finalist      Country  Canada

Smarter Parents, Happier Baby, Healthier Planet. Sunder is a product of the circular economy, makes life easier for parents and ensures kids always have the stuff they need to grow up happy and healthy. Typically parents buy baby stuff which their child outgrows in three to six months, only to end up in a big pile in the garage. Using new 3D printing technology, Sunder changes this by allowing parents to only own the baby stuff which their child truly benefits from.

Circular Products for Kids

Sunder allows parents to recycle old toys into new ones that suit the childs age and developmental needs. This ensures that they are both getting the right toys when they need them and also ensures that they are not wasting a lot of resources.

Giving parents visibility into their child’s interests.

As a child growns, the Sunder app allows parents to see how their overall interests and toys are growing with time.


It’s a Grind

Filament recycling technology has the potential to make 3d printers self contained production units for the home. By regrinding a product and extruding it back into filament, the same plastic can be changed from one toy to another.


Growing With Them

As a child growns, the Sunder appliance recycles toys, allowing Sunder products to continually evolve with a child.

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