Client  Tzoa Wearables

Category  Smart Apparel

Services  Industrial Design

Country  Canada

Know your enviroment

Tzoa senses pollution in your immediate environment in real-time and turns it into actionable recommendations to keep you healthy. Tzoa’s internal sensors track the environment throughout the day, providing real-time information, city-wide mapping, and a daily review. Recommendations help to change behaviours and improve quality of life.

Make the invisible visible

For people with allergies, asthma, and other sensitivities, Tzoa helps avoid trouble spots in the city and measures particulate levels from cooking and cleaning at home. For pollution activists, Tzoa is a system to track and share data to map pollution city- and world-wide.

Educating about Air Pollution

We created a simple to view and understand experience that allowed people to both gain high level insights as well as drill deeper into the data to learn more about the quality of air in the places that matter most to them.

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