Client  Velocitek

Category  Sports Tech

Services  Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Design

Country  USA

The Prism for Velocitek is a stripped down racing compass. The design is very much a case of form following function. The wedge shape of this device allows a single sailor to find their bearings no matter what side of the boat they are on.

As light as a feather

We started by trying to address the needs of the users of this niche community. The design needed to be light and super visible from anywhere on the racing boat. Based on early prototyping we learned there should be two screens in order to optimize for visibility.

We worked with our engineers to identify opportunities to reduce weight and pair back the overall construction to become as focused on weight reduction as possible. The Prism provides unprecedented accuracy, coupled with a massive display, in a compact package. At a mere 137 g it is the world’s lightest racing compass.

The Prism was designed to not get lost in the ocean. In case the device accidentally ended up in the water, the back housing was made of high visibility plastics to allow it to easily be tracked.

Premium inside and out

With a premium sailing product comes a premium unboxing experience. We designed the unboxing to express the spirit of the product itself, being both minimal while still being fun.

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