Client  Wiivv Wearables

Category  Smart Apparel

Services  Industrial Design

Country  Canada

3D-printed insoles company Wiivv approached us to design their first standalone footwear product – a flip-flop that could show off the 3D printed sole making each pair unique to their owner. Customers use Wiivv’s app to measure the sole of their foot in 3D, and then choose colours, materials, and textures to make it their own.

Giving character

Taking some of the functional learnings from the quick models we were able to then start and create a series of different sketch concepts that would have different variations on visual treatment and overall form.

Get strapped in

Wiivv knew that their technology would differentiate them from other sandals in the market but they wanted the look and feel to do the same as well. We looked at the landscape of sandals and began to explore ways to that we could create something that fit and looked better.

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