Client  XCo

Category  Sports Tech

Services   Industrial Design, UE

Country  Canada

Giving elite coaches and athletes the power of immediate beneath-the-numbers data. XCo approached us to help design their ecosystem, hardware and software, for their super precise tracking technology. We helped them develop a design language for their hardware that communicated performance and precision. On the digital side we made performance data easy to understand and use by coaches and athletes.

Fitting it all in

Designing the precision location tags was an exercise in creating a super simple form to hide the technical complexity inside the plastic package.

Tag – you’re it!

The sensor tag was designed to be versatile and worn on different garments by simply sewing pockets into them. The early production run of the devices allowed the team at XCo to start testing their technology with athletes and gather early data to validate their system.

Designing the digital experience

We wanted to create a phone dashboard for athletes and a table interface for coaches. The phone interface was designed to allow the athlete to review the progress of their different training activities. The larger tablet screen enables coaches to compare performance between different athletes.

A family of 0verperformers

The final ecosystem included the tracker, the antenna and the app. The program was designed to produce the pieces a small startup needs to develop their suite of products with a clear vision.

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