The best design is like fortune telling.
You parse something from the great unknown, grapple with its beauty in all its subjective, incomprehensible, reality-shattering glory, and dispense it in a way that makes sense.

Card79 is a design studio working with companies to give form to the future.

We believe design is a conversation between old and new. Tradition and innovation. Once you’ve got them both at the same table, anything is possible.

Usually seated across from a fortune teller is another human being, breathing the same air in the same moment. It is in this familiar moment that a fortune teller must express something unfamiliar – something entirely new.

This is where we excel.

Card79 supports companies developing new technologies by helping them to express the potential of their work in the most beautiful, meaningful ways possible.

Below are some fortunes we’ve told.

Selected Clients

We’re always adding pieces to the puzzle – connecting new dots. The future’s never complete.

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